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India's 1st Social Network for Impact Creators.

YuGenie provides an interactive platform for users to discover & connect with social organisations and people passionate about similar social causes.

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Action-Led Network

Leverage your network to spread awareness.

  • Discover & connect with people over common interests in social issues
  • Create/Consume Impact Content
  • Drive powerful campaigns
  • Indulge in Social Giving
  • Collaborate over socially-conscious projects

Finally! A social network dedicated to Social Organisations...

Leverage YuGenie's network to accelerate your impact.

  • Discover, connect and collaborate with a global stakeholder* network
  • Build your brand equity
  • Boost your digital visibility
  •  Increase growth capital through YG’s bold, outcome-led approach to social giving
  • *Stakeholders of the social impact ecosystem include Social Enterprises, Civil Society Orgs., Nonprofits, Funders, Impact Influencers, NGOs, Impact Companies.

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Social Giving Re-imagined.

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